From undercover intelligence gathering in  the remote parts of the world to detective work in its biggest cities, former soldier and child protection investigator Kenn Griffiths has been honing his investigation, mediation and survival skills for the last few decades. His latest book release The Survival Manual is an indispensable resource for anyone wanting to prepare themselves for unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances. It could save your life...

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The Survival Manual By Kenn Griffiths

The Survival Manual By Kenn Griffiths.

Available from Carlton Books £9.99

Contents Include:

The mindset to win (psychology of self-defence);
Protection (shelter, water, fire); Location (map and compass, search and rescue, attracting attention);
Water (solar stills, locating and purifying);
Food (fires, cooking traps); Surviving People (on foot, transport, natural disaster);
List of the world's danger spots;


News and Views

Kenn still offers his professional investigative and dispute resolution services to a number of clients but his unique skills are now being sought out by TV and Radio programmes where his expert knowledge and public speaking skills make him an ideal commentator on a variety of child welfare, covert surveillance, peacekeeping and survival issues.

Daily Express
Is swoop on Bin Laden the reason why Prince William and Kate delayed their honeymoon?
Personal security expert and former undercover investigator Kenn Griffiths said: “I was looking for the security reasons behind the happy couple's decision...".

Radio Derby
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BBC Radio Stoke
Click above to hear Kenns expert views on BBC Radio 5 live discussing Social Workers being sued by families.

Radio Derby
Click above to hear discussing stalking and its effects on victims on BBC Radio Stoke.

Radio Derby
Click above to hear Kenn chating on a number of issues on BBC Radio Stoke's Sunday Club.

Kenn is available for comment, please call 07831 612688 or fill in the contact form.

Kenn is also able to pass on his knowledge through his hands on instructional courses and specialist lectures dealing with situations as diverse as personal safety at work, to having the right mindset to survive. Click here to see Kenn giving a survival talk at a book signing session.

Kenn continues to write extensively and share his hidden world with others. Please visit the Talks Page to hear a selection of Kenn's discussions on BBC Radio.

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