The Kenn Griffiths Agency is able to offer expert training and education in a number of specialist skills and management techniques. Whether for corporate education or personal development our specialist and comprehensive consultancy service provides professional expertise alongside practical experience to build confidence in difficult and challenging situations.

We offer realistically tailored courses for small groups or individuals in the following areas.

• Personal safety at work.
• Dealing with anger and aggression.
• Communication and assertiveness.

• Survival - simple things that every one should know.
• Survival - do you have the mindset to survive?

• Mediation and negotiation.
• Anti-social behaviour - dealing with it day to day.

• Lone working.
• Court and investigation skills.
• Professional witnesses.

• Customer care/service.
• Mystery Shopping.

• Time management.

To find out more about specific training courses and how they can help you in your personal or business development, please Telephone the Kenn Griffiths Agency on 01782 303640 or complete our contact/ enquiry form.


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